top 10 movies for fashion lovers

Using visual narrative art, films can be used to make something into the fashion trend. Because it is believed that films are the best tools to market or communicate something to the community. Fashion industries get the brand’s awareness and get information about how films are used regarding showing fashion. In this blog, you can see Top 10 movies for fashion lovers. This list will give you an insight into films that have depicted or introduced fashion trends.


The lead roles or either all of the characters in films are actually depicting some new trends and styles. And when it comes to the top 10 movies for fashion lovers, they truly introduce new styles through the costumes and footwear used for the characters.

Apart from story and characters that are the real strength of a good movie.One factor that also play a crucial role in making a film an eye catching piece for it’s viewers is the costume selection.producer’s and directors take their quality time to make out the good and appropriate selection of the dresses.

Top 10 movies for fashion lovers

I have added these movies to the best of my knowledge and experience. These masterpieces have truly taken the fashion world to new heights. And the trends they introduced are still in the business and trend. Lets read out about the most amazing fashion movies.

1. SneakerHeadz

Sneakerheadz was released in 2015 and was an apple of the eye for the young fashion lovers. The movie has introduced a great fashion trend in sneakers. This Footwear is a great combination of class, style, and aesthetics. Sneakerheadz was a great influencer for young teens to change their priorities when it came to deciding footwear. sneakers are loved so much by the young generation and they re equally paired under all types of dresses. you might have seen almost every other person having a great collection of sneakers in different styles and designs. Sneakers are here in fashion for the last three decades and are going to stay alive for the next few years also.


I personally love sneakers, as they are comfortable stylish, and trendy and give me an opportunity to look as much classy and stylish as I can. you might have noticed many times, that celebrities also wear sneakers a lot on red carpets in Hollywood.

2. The Devil Wears Prada

Devil wears Prada is a movie based on a novel. The novel was written by a young girl who was a former assistant to the chief editor of a very notable fashion magazine. The film was released in 2006 and was like very much by the audience. Comedy movie with a great story outcasted everyone and leaving behind the reality of the true fashion world. devil wear prada was the most expensive costumed movie as so many high rated names have presented thier costumes for the film.

The Devil Wears Prada

Throughout the film, it was shown how that young girl was treated and how she was able to make decisions in pressure. Depicting the “fine fashion fantasy with little to do with reality”. In short, it was the best movie and the book was well deserved for this great movie. due to its strong linkage to the fashion industry and costumes.this got the place in the top 10 movies for fashion lovers

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3. Homecoming

In 2019, Homecoming was released featuring the costumes totally designed by the Olivier Rousting.

The storyline is refreshingly original, Homecoming’s got style for days, then, but there’s substance here too. Not that civilian workplaces are much better. Homecoming’s send-up of toxic office culture – literally toxic, Homecoming is a chance to look great and have fun with your friends. Keep fit in mind when choosing an outfit because you’ll want to be able to move around comfortably.


A great look will get you immediate positive reactions, but a great fit ensures you can move around and have a great time all night long. Homecoming is one of those few chances in high school you get to show off your mature side. Most girls will be wearing super cute outfits, so make your style stand out with a few simple tips.

But people aren’t going to commit to a five-hour series just to watch one specific shot. No, what matters most here is the ending. Mysteries live and die by the reveal. Get it right, and you will live forever; mess it up, and you ruin everything that led to it. Homecoming might be the most comfortable show in the world to spoil, so I’ll play it safe and only say is this: the intrigue pays off. This is a very satisfyingly structured series indeed. This is so far the best movie on fashion that I had watched and added in my blog of Top 10 movies for fashion lovers.

4. Manolo

In 2017 Manolo got released giving out a detailed insight, behind-the-scenes account of the shoemaker as he speaks about his creative process. Additionally, the format of the movie also features celebrity fans who offer their views about his work.

Letter F

Depicted in black-and-white recreations, and then the sequence ends, registering as little more than an attention-grabbing prologue.  Manolo has created a fantastic piece of art when the film was about to launch. To make a memory due to which he got the fame he designed a sandal green in color with artwork depicting lizards and leaves straps over it. Known as lagarta in the fashion industry. This is so far the best movie on fashion that I had watched and added in my blog of Top 10 movies for fashion lovers.

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5. Casablancas

Casablancas was made on the sets of world war and truly depicting a great story of love and sacrifices. The movie got so many awards and nominations for its outstanding plot scenes actors and lines. Casablancas has depicted a wide variety of Orry Kelly designed costumes including classic skirt suits, luxurious hats, and majestic gowns. The main character was depicting a simple but elegant and perfect look for catching the attention of viewers.

The Man Who Loved Women

The designer choose was very skilled when it comes to specifically design the costumes for the film.“In the right place at the right time—always glamorous and always in trouble, but he was okay with that.”He portrayed very well the great fashion sense and trends of the women dressing during world war II. True classics never die. Therefore, this movie was added to my blog of Top 10 movies for fashion lovers.

6. Coco Before Chanel 

Coco Before Chanel is truly an amazing story of a girl who was poor and without parents. It is about transforming one’s own self according to the dream and circumstances. A story of immense hard work, keen interest, and ambition for fashion. The costumes used in this movie are very well styled, fashionable, and trendy.

Coco before Chanel

The movie becomes more absorbing by telling that behind every successful person there is a great story of hard work and work from scratch. I had watched and added in my blog of Top 10 movies for fashion lovers.

8. Confessions of a Shopaholic

Gucci is her higher power

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Like all others listed above its not that much high-class fashion depicting movies. But yes it has some great fashion trends. The movie is full of entertainment and funny scenes. Giving out a good story of a girl who wants to work for a high rated fashion magazine but then got diverted to a highly paid magazine just to fulfill her desires.

8. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

top 10 movies for fashion lover- Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)
Photo credit: Cede

The movie is a classical piece with a story of a young girl who belongs to an elite class residing in New york. A love story of a young girl but depicting some classic fashion trends and costumes. The movie gave some great featured photographs of stylish looks. main character wearing a little black dress paired with the Goldsmith sunglasses.


9. A Simple Favor (2018)

top 10 movies for fashion lovers-A Simple Favor (2018)
Photo credit: IMDb

A story of friendship between two mothers.Both having entirely different taste and work fields. Depicting out great rang of fashion trends and styles of two totaaly opposite persoanlities.The movie has great plot as well as fashion sense potrayed nicely. You will love to see this movie by both seeing cute and stylish dresses and trends the both lead roles have showed.

10. Titanic

top 10 movies for fashion lovers-Titanic
photo credit: Daily Express

Titanic a romantic movie and many of us have heard about it on and off. But we haven’t noticed or watched that titanic not only plotted a good love story but also the great collection of fashionable costumes and jewelry items. it is assumed that movies try to show out the trends and styles of old eras but not upto that original standard. but the team of titanic has done great work in this regards and after spending some valuable time on costume’s selection . The movie has actually potrayed the clothing style of that era.Therefore this movie has got the place in our top 10 movies for fashion lovers.