Face Masks Fashion:Why every fashion company is now making them?

As we all know about the current situation of the world due to COVID-19. And in this time a new fashion is coming out as ‘face masks fashion’.

When the health system is under stress and under strain. Where no one knows the treatment and researcher. And the scientist is trying to make the vaccine to control this harmful and serious disease. Then its everyone duty to follow the precaution to save a life:

  • Face mask
  • sanitizing

Primary research using statistical analysis in a risk state. One should look for the external circumstances and wear the mask accordingly. While heading towards any public area the face should be covered with a cloth mask.


  1. Use a face cloth covering mask to cover your face area.
  2. Whenever you are heading towards public places like shopping malls, grocery stores, etc cover your face.
  3. your actions can save someone else’s life.
  4. Use your own mask and make sure that do not wear the masks that are meant for health workers.


Photo credit: The New York Times.

Designers are now making face masks:
As in New York and Europe makes masks mandatory in public. The fashion designer is creating their own versions. To cover their faces, to be safe, and make the surrounding safe and sound for others also. A new fashion is coming out named as face masks fashion.

All over the world, a great shift has been made by fashion companies and they are now producing face masks.

Fashion in the Time of Corona:
Covid-19 and fashion seem to go hand in hand – or rather, glove-in-glove – in these precarious times. This is the time when companies have the opportunity to launch a new face masks fashion.

The fashion-related aspects of the crisis are simultaneously economic, cultural-aesthetic and political, local and national, as well as global and globalizing. A fashion sociologist’s task in the time of Corona is, therefore, this. To recognize such elements, and to analyze their complex interconnections.

In initial :
In February 2020,
French designer Marine Serre’s collection was shown in Paris Fashion Week with a feature. That would become extraordinarily on-trend in the weeks to follow:
The models wore face masks. Serre had covered models’ faces before, and she had sold ‘anti-pollution masks’ as part of her accessories.

In April 2020,
Sanna Marin(Finland’s Prime Minister) was featured in the fashion magazines. Vogue Britain and Vogue US, interviews with her having been conducted before the Covid-19 crisis spread to Finland. One of the dresses the PM wore was made by the Finnish sustainable design company Uhana,

Should Masks Be a Fashion Statement?
Many famous brands like Gucci and others, when announced that they have started the production of medical as well as fashion face masks. A huge critic and memes session got started. Therefore, leaving a question for all of us that should face masks be a fashion statement or not.


Other clothing brands are also busy making the mask as a trend. Because in our society most people follow the trend. And that trend is just to save people’s lives.

Some brands providing masks to health care co-workers just like Colleen Petra and Zoe Bruce.

Listing down some of the designers. there exist the numbers who are genuinely caring and serving the community and others are just saving their business.

“Future ninja wear”__
he calls his style to make masks as the part of face masks fashion.

Alyssa Nicole:
Working on the production of masks without any break for the whole week. More production more income!!

The origami-inspired brand now making organic cotton face masks. 


In normal times this is a macrame-inspired jewelry brand, but now at that difficult, they are also serving the nation.


March 28, the Apparel business focuses on masks making, they made simple fabric masks including N95 marks.

They all also provide online services to satisfied their customers, there is a huge list of brands and business, but I listed some, according to the huge brands the private and the second class business also started this to serve the society and don’t want to lose their business in lockdown. Companies are specific


Cloth face mask __ Thanks to Covid-19
Covid-19 gives the people a lit bit sense about health, not covering the face is too much harm to them as well as their loved one also. Face masks are not only becoming the source of controlling this hazardous disease but also it is becoming something serious fashion needs. Everyone can think out of the box to use this aesthetically with their dresses. Making their selves safe and stylish at the same time.

“We saw what happened as a result of China reopening, where it was mandatory to wear masks, and we said to ourselves, ‘This is probably going to happen here,’ ”

CEO Trevor George.

“I’m trying to produce as many masks as I can with fabrics that we have in stock — cotton, neoprene, and nylon — and I have researched fabrics that are OK to use, with higher air filtration effectiveness rates,”


To Express Your Personal Style

Each brand in now go ahead to make more and more masks, some of them are switching the masks according to suit and giving some colure also.

Fashion has always had a way of taking everything in between — and turning them into a statement piece.

The introduction of face masks fashion is one of the best examples of calculating your customer requirements well. Everyone wants to be safe and healthy but when it comes to their look and style. Most of the time people go crazy and do not follow the rules. The fashion industry has just combined the health and style with each other so well. One can look and feel good as well as save their selves and others from this infection. yes, face masks are the unusual addition to our routines but it doesn’t mean that we should lose our selves. We can equally carry out our identity with the addition of masks as well. Thanks to the emerging face masks fashion.

Fashionable Masks

Fashionable face masks are becoming a trend, but this is not as much as useful as N95 or simple filter masks. it’s just a fashion to earn money and make the people busy, but we have to save our ones, our people to become develop so stop making and providing this cloth mask on the name of fashion trend from this we can’t secure others we are losing the general public as well we are losing the educated lot also, so please stop doing this.

“Making masks for medical workers is a far more complex process than sewing a piece of fashion.”

We have to serve our employees giving pay to labor, health care staff by providing other stuff in this lockdown 19.
There exist the number of fashion companies whose income during this COVID -19 has been uplifted just because of the face masks.

Countries like the USA have ordered people to wear cloth face coverings while in public but on the other hand, the front line workers are not allowed to wear those because they are not meeting the standards. Medical masks are the necessary items for them and that why some of the brands are rushing towards the production of medical face masks as well. But ground reality exists that face masks fashion is now getting in the market


To resist a change or any situation is not a solution or you can say that it is not a great solution. A successful organization does not sit idle when there is any critical situation or crisis going on. They work around the circumstances and make the best possible way for their work to get done. The fashion industry is just doing the same. They know that there is huge demand and necessity of face masks. So, they have put a little bit of aesthetic covering for that and make it wearable in daily routine as a part of the dress.

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