how to keep face fresh

 Face being the most sensitive part and the one that is the center of attraction when it comes to defining someone’s beauty. Being living in an era where there is a lot of pollution all around it’s a tough job to keep your face fresh. Maintaining the natural tone and healthy skin was tough but will not remain anymore. Going to introduce you with some easy tips that will tell you how to keep face fresh? Everyone wishes to have glowing and sparkling skin and they often compare their selves with others and try different hacks to get the results achieved.

But as we know that face is a sensitive part of a body and it does not allow us to experiment a lot. And sometimes the experiments lead to drastic skin allergies and pimples overloaded which make our skin look ugly. Keeping this in mind, I will tell you the tips that are purely free of chemicals and they contain natural exfoliators that keep your face skin fresh and glowing naturally.


When it comes to making yourself look beautiful and gorgeous than others, most people, especially women’s focus their faces. Everyone wants to look fresh and beautiful on any occasion and in daily routine. But nowadays everyone has such tough schedules that they don’t have hours regularly to go to the parlor and get special treatments for their skin. These tips are real quick and you can perform them daily by getting 5-10 mins for yourself while performing other chores.


People may get confused that what they had to identify their skin types. So, you have to get information about your skin type. Like either, your skin is dry, oily or it is a normal healthy skin type or you are having a sensitive skin.

Having the right information about your skin will leave you at ease to choose the best methods that will guide you on how to keep face fresh. With this information, you can make a list of dos and don’ts with you. Leaving your skin healthier, glowing, and fresh.


As we all know the fact that exercise regulates your blood circulation. Making exercise a habit will play an important role in keeping your face fresh. Increased blood flow will provide the necessary and adequate amount of minerals, nutrients, and oxygen to the skin cells. Leaving you with a healthier body and glowing fresh face by removing toxins from the body. Take half an hour for yourself if you want to have a fresh face naturally.


The fact that skin treatments are very expensive when it comes to parlors or dermatologists. But what if you can solve your problems in less amount and time with natural ingredients. I know that everyone will want to give them a try. Natural ingredients do not harm your skin and give better results.

Listing down some helpful tips that i personally follow and many others also to keep our face fresh.


Whenever I have asked someone how to keep face fresh? One common answer I received was to stay hydrated throughout the day and make it your habit. Give your body a specific amount of water. doing this will keep your body moisturized and healthy overall.

I advise that drink at least 2 water of lukewarm water after waking up at an empty stomach. This will leave you to not only remove toxins from the body but also bring a radiant glow on your skin. Other than this drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. Plain water helps a lot than juices and fizzy drinks. Because these can ass up a large amount of sugar to your body.

You can also fulfill your body water needs by adding fruits and vegetables to your diet that are rich in the water portion.Like tomatoes,watermelons.apples.cucumbers,spinach,broccoli,oranges and many more.Check out for the best available option and make it add to your routine.


I can bet, that everyone can get beautiful glowing skin. If they add these two tasks in their routine. Cleansing and exfoliation will remove all the dirt and makeup particles from your skin. these two tasks are just like a plant placed in an open area and all the dirt gets washed by the rain. But the question that may come in your mind can be how to do cleansing and exfoliation at home? So, mentioning the easiest and effective way of cleansing and exfoliation below.


The simplest,easiest and the most effective method of cleansing ,that was followed in the old times when there was no concept of salons and spa was to cleanse your skin with “Raw milk”.


  1. Take a small bowl add some raw milk: It is believed that goat milk is preferred because it has the quality to make your skin tone brighter and dirt free. If you have goat milk then excellent, but if you have no access to goat milk then use normal raw milk. But do not use the packaged milk.
  2. Use a small cotton pad, dip it in the raw milk, and squeeze a little.
  3. Now cleanse your face with this pad. And repeat the process until the cotton pad/ball comes clean.

Note: Before going to bed make sure to remove all the makeup and moisturize your face with either rose water or any night cream. To get more information about the best way to use night creams have a look at this.

Night creams use by Merium Pervaiz


Make time for yourself and pull out all the dirt and dead cells from your face, so that your skin can stay younger, prettier, and brighter.

Clean skin is lovely skin. It’s essential to keep your skin purged of sweat, earth, and oil to forestall obstructed pores and a dull appearance. Wash your face with a delicate chemical each morning and night, trailed by a snappy breadth with toner on a cotton cushion. Likewise, wash your face after exercises, for example, working out, cleaning the house, cultivating, or some other filthy or truly applying movement, or one that requires the utilization of sunscreen. Scrub your skin by this simple and easy method at home naturally.


  1. Take a small tomato. Cut it off from center.
  2. Put some sugar on one half.
  3. Gently start scrubbing your face in circular motion from bottom to up direction.
  4. Scrub your face for 10 mins. You can also do this for your hands ,neck and feet as well.
  5. After 10-15 mins rinse off your water with cold water and let it dry with soft piece of cloth or tissue. and apply moisturizer.

Note: Do not use full grained sugar if you have acne on skin.instead use powder sugar and gently scrub your face.


There are so many natural ingredients that can help you how to keep face fresh.Some are following:

  • HONEY: Resists the birth of pimples, and pimple marks, providing spotless skin for a long time
How to keep face fresh
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  • GRAM FLOUR/BESAN: It is a natural scrubber and can easily remove your dead skin cells, leaving you on a path to have fabulous glowing, fresh, and healthier skin.
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  • YOGURT: rich in lactic acid, this ingredient contains natural bleaching qualities/properties. And very helpful in removing uneven skin tones, catering sunburns, and many more. It also leaves a fresh new layer of skin on your face.
How to keep face fresh
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  • CUCUMBER: Rich in water quantity, antioxidant property and gives a cooling effect to the skin. It is also very helpful for the eyes to remove their puffiness.
How to keep face fresh
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How to keep face fresh? If you read this blog then it is for sure that you have got your answer. For more tips and tricks I will advise to watch one of the emerging sensation Merium Pervaiz videos on her youtube channel for knowing methods to get fresh and glowing skin. Click here to reach her. Do let us know about your experience.