best places for online dress shopping in Pakistan

It’s the 21st century and we are living in an era and everyone has a very tough schedule. But in this era of style and looks everyone wants to get dressed up beautifully specially women. As world is becoming global village e -shopping has gained so much share of our total shopping percentile. Online dress shopping is something now in trend but this medium still have so many chaos and distrust issues due to many fake cases and sellers . Woman’s don’t trust online shopping a lot when it comes to clothing ,going to introduce you with Best places to shop for dresses online in Pakistan. These places have excellent services, good quality stuff and best customer services.

Pakistan textile industry has played a large role in uplifting Pakistan’s economy. Many small businesses are now opened related to the clothing industry and they are doing great job. From last few years every brand and business has made their online portals. Either using web applications or social media pages specially on Instagram. Large number of people follow their favorite brands and get in touch with them for shopping and latest updates.


From past few years number of  fashion bloggers have increased greatly and so do their followers either on Instagram or Facebook. Instagram plays a vital role in making something famous now a days. PR packages from clothing brands, and their honest reviews from famous bloggers. Their followers than reach those brands and then it goes hand in hand. Also, some famous brands who are already have famous in market reputations when moved to online shopping as well got attraction of their regular customers. Instead of going out and  get their shopping done, most of them now prefer to do online dress shopping.


Some of the top famous places for online dress shopping are as listed below and these all are famous and authentic due to their high-quality stuff, great customer cares, excellent delivery system and very reasonable prices for everyone.


Beech tree got launched in 2010 and within very short time they grab the audience attention. They deal with in ready to wear clothing items and have variety of beautifully designed kurtas and suits. I personally love their ready to wear kurtas which are elegant and simple .Best for offices and university going girls. One of the advantages that I feel they are bringing is that they have very reasonable prices. So, if you are looking for pret collection ,online dress shopping you can go and check out their collection.


Brand got hatched in 2010 and within no time it has a leading number of customers. The brand has become a leading retailed clothing store with more than 65 outlets across the Pakistan. Spreading its name all over the country this clothing store is my personal favorite as well. Limelight is now lying in one of the top best online clothing stores. Dealing with all types of clothing accessories and clothing ranges. Their designs are for everyone, from kids pret wear to ladies pret collection, from unstitched to man’s eastern wears collection and also a huge collection of western wears. They are bringing out a great combination of traditional and trendy clothes together.

So, if you are looking for a reliable online clothing store, I will recommend you, go and look out at their collection .You can do your online dress shopping from limelight with ease and  trust under extremely reasonable prices.

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J. stepped into the market in 2002 ,bringing up the idea of reviving the cultural norms back in fashion. Shalwar kameez being national dress of Pakistan and our cultural iconic symbol. They started making beautiful shalwar kameez in different stuffs and after very short time they became the leading store not within the country but also around the world. Globally they have 20+ stores in different countries and have been famous for their beautiful design collections. If you are eastern lover, you will love to shop from J., and they maintain high customer care in all their services.

best place to shop online dresses
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Ethnic is an extended branch of outfitters launched in 2013 and is completely a woman brand. This brings every type of dresses a woman needs from luxury pret to unstitched dresses .Everything you need you can order online from their online store.


This brand got launched in 2010 with the idea of bringing New York street style into the fashion. The brands believe in fusion and that’s why they have both eastern and western dresses in their collections. They had special focus on their trendy designs and new stuff.

I personally love their denim kurtas and jeans .They had great taste of colors and designs. If you love trendy dresses, you can do online dress shopping from here.


There are many places from where you can do online dress shopping in Pakistan . Brands  like Khaddi , SanaSafinaz, Nishatlinen has already a fame and they are making the most portion of the clothing industry. Everyone knows about them that’s why I highlighted those places which are new in the market. Giving you a short list of some other places that you can also try and they are giving good quality stuff with real products.

  1. Ideas by GUL AHMED
  2. Riwayatinari
  3. Ukapparel
  4. Fashion Collections by Anna
  5. Suits_by_Sadia

These mentioned places are brands and small businesses recommended by famous fashion bloggers and they have high quality stuff for you.

Online dress shopping is bringing ease to an individual’s lifestyle. And there are so many trusted places from which you can buy quality dresses and accessories. On and off flash sales and reasonable prices make these places popular in the eyes of customers and some are added to the topmost demanding lists by the customers.

Hope this article will be beneficial for you and you will have good online shopping experience. Do comment and let me know if you know about some of the best places other than the ones mentioned above.