top 5 Hair trends in 2020

Here we are in times of striking hair and cosmetics minutes. But before diving into the knowledge of the top 5 hair trends for this year, let’s survey the foremost well-known hairstyles of 2019.

Previously top hair trends included the hairstyles that were functional as well as stylish. These includes lower ponytail to center parts. Previous year we focused more on the natural hair ,appearance and their wellbeing. As far as hair color is considered, year was dedicated to hair color contradiction. We have seen Fiery red alongside cool ash blonde.

This decade’s first noteworthy hair patterns incorporate looks at each length that can be custom-made to your hair surface and individual fashion. You have seen many occupying the blunt bob style- foremost well-known hairstyle for a long time. Likely as of now – many of us have speculated that the cut will still be present solid into the following decade. But with several changes. Where does that leave us in 2020? We have made a list of top 5 hair trends that are recommended by top celebrity hairstylists. Here we go to learn about the 5 top hair trends of 2020.


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2020 will be the year of short hairs and you will notice the amazing trends in shorter hairs. According to celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh, long locks are out. Predicting that shorter hair trends and styles will be a sort of “backlash for the monster long hair extension trend” that is observed over the past few years.


If we talk about short haircuts, we always think of bobs. The event that there’s one brief hairdo that will rule incomparable, it’s the classic sway. 20’s bob has texture, gentler edges, and looks phenomenal in any way either it is center or put off to the sides. From the past few years, we have seen a lot of variations of the bob haircut. According to stylist Nicole Casamassima, a continued trend of bob still trending in 2020.

“Women want more versatility and can achieve a sleek and sophisticated bob with the right length for their faces. Or, if they cut it to hit collarbone length, they can add tousled texture for a more youthful and casual look,”

Nicole Casamassima.
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Another celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons has said that bob will remain and definitely it’s going to be the most attained trend in 2020. Yes, it won’t be that original super stylish bob cut but with certain tweaks like more soft, textured, and loose adaptation. For a smoother appearance, avoiding the original cut bobs and adapting it with some long style, is what we would be witnessing this year.


While talking about the hair lengths, for medium length to the long one. The most trending one will be modern shags. this got the place because it is fulfilling the demand of that textured, natural, and loose look that we are all witnessing this 2020.

“Try a modern shag with fewer layers but cut, so there is more than just one length,”

A Modern Shag Haircut, Top 5 hair trends women must try
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Tina Jimenez, the hairstylist, came to the conclusion that “modern shag” will be the trending hairstyle of 2020. “2020 will be about texture and ‘easy hair’- more of a natural look,”

For creating different looks with your beautiful long to medium hairs, have a look at our, 5 Hairstyles for women they must try.

“Days of spending a long time styling your hair at home are over. Air-dried with some great products can control the hair texture will make for some great styles.”

Tina Jimenez


The complete opposite of the shag, this cut consists of subtle layers that usually start below the chin. This gives extra volume to the hair and also provides movement without having to sacrifice on the length. Think of it as the haircut equivalent of a your-lip-but-better lipstick. This layering technique typically works best on mid-length to long hair.

Invisible Layers
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When speaking about bangs, it is all about the curtain bangs. Prepare yourself for witnessing the revival of bangs/fringes. The addition of these curtain bangs to already bobbed cut hairs will increase the personality. Moreover, it also gives you a loose trendy ancient look. Curtain bangs are considered to be the face-framing bangs as they give a beautiful look and feel to the face. Their history lies back to the ’60s when it was first gained fame by stars like Brigitte Bardot.

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Fitzsimons says,

“Curtain bangs will make a comeback as more retro styles gain popularity.” “What I love about curtain bangs is that they are low maintenance and can easily be grown out into face-framing layers, perfect for any face shape and suits every hair type,” he adds.


Although we say that short is the new hair, still long hair never goes out of style. However, it has taken a backseat to bobs and lobs during the tail end of the last decade. You can either have long waist-length Rapunzel hair with long, subtle layers, or you can also opt for a one-length cut. If your hair is currently short, but you want to get those luscious locks haircut trends, you can always go for a set of professionally-installed extensions.

Super Longhair
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These top 5 hair trends will give you a very classy stylish look and it will bring more charm to your personality. 2020 must be the age of self-grooming and making yourself prepared for some trendy hairstyles so that your hairs can also enjoy a change. Freedom and relaxation with classy and stylish looks !!

I hope this will bring ample knowledge about the trends and traditions going on in 2020. Do comment if you found this useful for deciding your 2020 look! For more Information Watch this video by directly clicking on the below video or by clicking this link.