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Top 5  well known dress designers in Pakistan 2020
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Today I will be going to tell you about the top 5 well-known dress designers in Pakistan 2020. You will look good when you have chosen an outfit according to the latest trends and styles. Fashion is not about clothes only; it is about your lifestyle. By wearing the right clothes and manners, we can influence other people. In Pakistan, the undoubted fashion industry is growing too fast. Dress designers have made their benchmark by efforts and hard works. Moreover, designers put a lot of effort into dressing detailing, cloth stuff, embroidery, working with pearls, beats, etc. ordinary people follow the designers and try to copy them to look good.

Fashion designing is the practical implementation of ideas and designs. It is also associated with our culture and attitudes. If you want to become a dress designer, then you should do a bachelor’s in fashion designing. Without a degree, you will face a lot of difficulties—fashion designers design clothes with eastern and western trends and culture. Long gowns, maxes, and frocks are always in the direction in Pakistan. The fashion industry is growing up too fast across the world now.

Fashion is the specialty of applying the plan, feel, and regular excellence to attire and its frill. It is affected by social and social points of view and has moved after some time and spot. Style engineers work in different habits in arranging attire and enhancements, for instance, armbands and accessories. Considering the time required to bring a piece of clothing onto the market, originators should once in a while imagine changes to purchaser tastes.

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Although the design business depends more on mass-showcase deals. The mass-market provides food for a broad scope of clients, creating prepared-to-wear articles of clothing utilizing patterns set by the well-known names in style. They frequently stick around a season to ensure a manner is going to get on before creating their forms of the first look. To set aside cash and time, they utilize less rich textures and more straightforward creation methods, which should effortlessly be possible by machines.

The finished result can, along these lines, be sold considerably more economically. however,You should always go with an elegant piece of clothes. Many Pakistani designers are famous in the world for their excellent effort. By clothes, people judge your personality and lifestyle. Different people need different designs to wear according to their choice. Design is the base of your business in fashion. It is an essential part of business organizations. The top 5 dress designers in Pakistan are the following:

1.Hassan Shayharyar Yasin –HSY

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The one who is at the top list of famous dress designer is Hassan Shayharyar Yasin. He was born in Lahore. Hassan is educated from the Pakistan School of Fashion Designs in the year 2000. He started his career as a choreographer. Then, later on, he comes towards the field of fashion designing. He is famous for his bridal couture. He is not only famous in Pakistan but the world too. After getting famous with bridal couture, he started launching formal wear couture as well. Hassan clothing has 14 display centers across the globe, such as UAE, Dubai. The types of dresses he designs are the following:

  • Bridal wear
  • Wedding dresses
  • Party dresses
  • Evening dresses
  • Formal kurta
  • Bridesmaid wear
  • Saree

Hassan Shayharyar Yasin is known as “HSY”. Currently, he is also hosting a show on Hum TV named as “Tonight with HSY”.

2.Asim Jofa dress designer

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The second name that appears in the top listed designers of Pakistan is Asim Jofa. He is such an incredible and hardworking man. Asim is also known for his embroidered dresses with an elegant sequence of pearls and tikka work. He has introduced silk, chiffon, and luxe collection. Asim Jofa has started his journey as a jewelry designer. He worked 12 years as a jewelry designer, later on, he comes towards dress designing. His handcrafted pieces are known across the globe. He has also launched. He is an elegant and beautiful bridal collection. Asim Jofa has received many awards for his great work in the fashion industry.

3.Nomi Ansari dress desginer

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Nomi Ansari is also a young talented designer who is famous for his sizzling designs of dresses. He is known for his party and prêt dresses. He belongs from a carpet weaving family, which influences him to step into the fashion industry. His background helped him to understand more about prints and color designs. Nomi Ansari is famous for his eastern dresses with a touch of western style.

4.Deepak Perwani

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Deepak Perwani is a well known Pakistani dress designer. Born in Mirpurkhas, Sindh in 1963. Renowned for his elegance in dresses. Deepak Perwani has introduced many types of varieties for the fashion industry and people. He has appeared in many fashion shows national and international both. He also represents the Hindu Sindhi community. Deepak has launched dresses first for women, and after some time, he started launching for the man too.
His bridal collection is exquisite and bold.

5.Maria.B dress designer

 MARIA.B  dress designer
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Maria.B is currently a famous dress designer in Pakistan due to its unique, trend stylish dresses. Her lawn prints are so prevalent in every season collection. Maria B is renowned for her traditional suits, salwar, kameez, and dupatta. Her casual dresses are trendy among girls. Now a day’s people like to carry more comfortable dresses such as lawn; Maria B launched the best summer lawn collection in 2014. After launching lawn collection for women’s she has started a kids collection named “MARIA B KIDS.”She begins her collections in the summer and winter season.
Pakistan has many other designers that are famous for their good works are the following:

  • Sana Safinaz
  • Amir Adnan
  • Zainab Chottani
  • Shela Chatoor
  • Saira Rizwan
  • Sadaf Fawad khan
  • Khaadi
  • Fahad Hussayn
  • Zara Shahjahan
  • Bunto Kazmi
  • Nida Azwar
  • Umar Sayeed
  • Tena Durrani
  • Sania Maskatiya

The fashion industry is growing rapidly.This growth demands good dress designers to meet the needs such large community. This also invoke healthy competition between different brands and everyone tries to make the best.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading my blog. Don’t forget to give your suggestions and also recommendations below in the comment box. Thank you and stay blessed!

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