Top designs by Olivier Rousteing

Who’s Olivier Rousteing? 

“Olivier Rousteing” you might have heard this name during fashion talks, he is a French designer who started his career with Balmain in 2011 and did his first fashion show in 2012. The man is highly talented and knows how to Cater to the young generation. He is one of the few people who are aware of the impact of internet marketing, how digital this generation is. You can follow Olivier Rousteing on Instagram as well.

He created the Balmain army to make a revolution in the fashion industry, go against fashion rules, and encourage women empowerment. Balmain army brought diversity in the fashion industry, different colors, different ages, and various powerful women from all over the world. Olivier Rousteing has created exquisite designs and took Balmain to another level of success. 

Olivier Rousteing top designs

Olivier Rousteing yellow body cone design
Photo Credit Vogue

This yellow body cone beaded rope dress is from Balmain Fall/ winter collection 14/15, and it’s one of his grand plans. The dress is beautifully designed and gives an excellent hourglass shape to the body. According to Olivier Rousteing, this dress was initially white, and the night before the show, he had his team color it yellow because the collection was lacking yellow touch. Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Naomi wore the dress.

Olivier Rousteing velvet beaded short dress
Photo Credit Vogue

Beautifully designed velvet beaded short dress with falcon details gained popularity when Kylie Jenner wore it at the launch of Balmain x H&M. Shoppers went crazy over it and crashed the retailer’s site. Kylie styled it where long boots and olive green belt which defined her hourglass curves. Later this dress was worn by Deepika in the big boss 10, she also styled it with suede boots, and it leads to a debate among fashion experts on “Who wore it better?” but I think both ladies slew the overall look.

Olivier Rousteing matellic touch dress
Photo Credit Vogue

Jordan Dunn stunned everyone at met Gala 2016 in this partially see-through dress designed by Olivier Rousteing. Mr. Rousteing gave this dress a metallic touch with silver embellishments, mirror details, and sequins. The overall look was incredible, went well with the theme, and grabbed a lot of attention on the red carpet.

Olivier Rousteing feather tailed gown
Photo Credit Getty images

Creative director of a Parisian fashion house, Olivier Rousteing designed that feather tailed gown for Jennifer Lopez in 2018. The unique combination of black, blue, and red embroidery along with golden touch made this gown look very elegant. In contrast, neck details and high slit with padded shoulders gave it an overall bold and vigorous. It seems to look. J. Lopez auctioned this dress to raise funds for Aids in Africa.

Short Dress

short dress
Photo Credit Vogue

It seems Olivier Rousteing loves working with sequins. This short dress made by Olivier Rousteing for Fall-winter 2018 collection. Silver and black sequin patterns, along with padded shoulders, give this dress a futuristic vibe, and we love that.

neon jump suit
Photo Credit Vogue

Neon has always been trendy. This neon jumpsuit is also from FW2018, and the model looks stunning in it. The dress has a beautifully detailed pattern, and the pleated fabric looks voguish. Padded shoulders and defined waist with this beautiful neon and grey belt go with the overall look.

metallic jacket
Photo Credit Vogue

We are in love with this whole collection; every design has its uniqueness. This metallic finish with a prismatic effect is astonishing. Olivier Rousteing paired this metallic jacket with Balmain top, and it balances the whole outfit.

Zebra Pattern

zebra pattern dress
Photo Credit Vogue

Last but not least, from FW 2018 collection. How gorgeous are those zebra patterns? Olivier Rousteing is a fan of sequins and loves creating models with it, yet all the designs complement each other without losing their uniqueness.

egypt collection
Photo Credit Vogue

Olivier Rousteing called this collection Egypt. He took inspiration from old Egyptian fashion and architecture to create his spring-summer 2019 collection. Olivier combined Plexiglas pyramid patterns and created these bold and valiant dresses in different colors.

ripped mummy jeans
Photo Credit Vogue

Olivier Rousteing created these ripped mummy jeans and paired with pyramid patterned, broad-shouldered fierce jacket. The whole look was an Egyptian vibe, and we’re drooling over it.

classy leather jacket
Photo Credit Vogue

Olivier Rousteing believes in diversity and women empowerment. In his Fall-winter 2019 collection, he presented the concept. This heavily studded look shows fearless and bold women. Classy leather jacket with shoulder cut and button-down shirt complement each other along with the leather mini skirt.

rose clustered pattern
Photo Credit Vogue

Another dress from Olivier Rousteing’s same collection, FW2019, presents elegant yet powerful women. The top is classically designed with the rose clustered pattern on shoulders, and white tube cut top paired with long leather gloves and studded bag. In contrast, mom jeans add a little casual touch to the look.

Black Jump Suit

black jump suit
Photo Credit Vogue

Black jumpsuit with cape sleeves and sequin details are one of the top designs from Olivier Rousteing’s Fall-winter 2019 collection. Broad shoulders and high neck added Elegance to the overall appearance. This majestic look is to die for what do you think? 

red dress
Photo Credit Vogue

Moreover, a few months ago, Olivier Rousteing set the ramp all over the river in Paris to launch his couture. This red dress with rose clustered pattern and beaded details is one of the best dresses from couture and has a futuristic vibe.

latest design of Olivier Rousteing
Photo Credit Vogue

The last design from Olivier Rousteing’s latest couture collection is a combination of vibrant colors and subtle patterns. Rousteing paired this strapless maxi dress with long leather sleeves giving it a whole sophisticated vibe. 

Although Olivier Rousteing is a versatile designer and has created incredible designs. But what we don’t love about his collections is that the prices are outrageous. And out of the reach of the young generation; otherwise, all models are astonishing.