Choosing an appropriate outfit for an office party

Choosing what to wear at the office party coming up in the next few days could be a tedious task. Not just because it is a good occasion to spend time with your colleagues but also as it is a good opportunity to show off a newer side of you. An appropriate outfit for an office party is not an easy thing to select.

It is always one’s personal choice on what to wear on the party day, below are some tips on how you can choose an appropriate outfit to wear for the office occasion so that you don’t have to be tensed throughout your party moment!

Understanding the place and time of the party being held

Your dressing attire may need to change depending upon where the gathering would be held and also the time for the same.

While the dressing attire may be needed to be changed if the party would be held in after working hours, but in the case, the party would be during working hours the dressing can be the same as usual.  A format shirt, with a skirt or a formal maxi, will do the job. Adding up a few things can make your look different, changing your makeup as per need, using a darker shade of lipstick, or extending the length of your liner, adding up the simple accessory, etc. would be enough for you to stand out in the party!

If party location is known to be different along with the timing to be after office hours, the choice of your party wear becomes informal, so it should be appropriate enough for you to enjoy the party along with you being in your comfort zone!

Key points to remember considering what to wear in an after-hours party:

Stay Modest, Be confident!

Clothing that you choose to wear should be fitting to your body, but while doing that the clothes shouldn’t be so that that will show your exact body curves. While making you look absolutely stunning, it might also invite unwanted attention to you.

Make sure that the dress you decide to wear is covering up most of your skin. Covering up your cleavage, the upper thigh should be taken into consideration. If you have decided to wear a skirt, also check how it rests on your body shape, when you sit down. The key is to prevent any wardrobe mishaps.

Changing your attire from Steady working employee to Wow!

  • To check Clothing! Footwear! Accessories! Purse! Hairstyle! Makeup! Perfume!
  • Choose your dress colour. Wine shades, black, carrot, blue and green are relevant. Remember, not choosing bright colours, as your outfit should not seem gone and or open what should be hidden.
  • Elegance and restraint are the main criteria for choosing a dress for the party. Long dresses to the floor made of heavy fabrics, taken hair, and quality jewellery will help you in this.
  • Choose footwear that would complement your dress. Black heel sandals with glitters might look good with most of the party wears.
  • Next comes the accessories to be taken along. Long earrings are enough to do most of the work. If you are wearing a gown with a deeper neck, wearing a neck accessory would help divert most of the attention on it.
  • The most common hairstyle a party is simple. Leave your hair open! You can apply some curls to it too! Putting up a hair bun, a hair puff with a pony, etc. will also allow you to be in your comfort zone while making you look elegant.
  • To add the final touch, apply some makeup to highlight your face. The makeup can be just adding up lipstick or putting an eye makeup. Using some perfume as well will act as icing on the cake.

Last and most important key: Be Comfortable and Enjoy the evening. Cheers!

Choose an outfit that’s not going to bother you during the party hours. Constantly fidgeting and pulling down on your clothes will not only be frustrating for you but might also be noticeable for everyone around you.

Be confident with the clothing and look you have chosen. That would be enough for you to spend the evening happily and enjoy the party.

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