Fashion Tips/tricks, Bringing ease to your Life.
Being an Eastern girl!! I always hear this from my Mom that we have ever used home remedies(Desi totkay) if faced with any issue. I am bringing you a list of fashion tips/tricks which will help you out to make an incredible change and ease in your life.No need to lose your favorite fashion items anymore. I hope this will help you a lot.

Clothing :

Clothing Fashion Tips/tricks
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Do you like Soft and warm light-weighted sweaters? Many do !!
Gently stretch the garment, if it comes back then you are looking at the right piece. Just go for it!!.
Want to use it for long??? Then always give it a hand wash and gentle salad spin so can excess water can be removed easily.

Shortening length issue:

You may lose your favourite suit/jeans after first wash…sad!! Get rid of this by washing your cloth piece/jeans with water(simply soak the cloth piece for a while and then let it dry in the air) before taking it to tailor.

Furr shedding:

Coats/jackets/mufflers made from angora wool cause fur shedding …to preserve that. Fold it and put in a zipper bag and let it get frozen for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.
Prevent Wrinkling: Ironing clothes is always difficult for me. To avoid wrinkles after ironing.

“Never put a garment on immediately after ironing, as this can actually cause new wrinkles to form. Instead, let it sit for five minutes to set the press.”
 — Althea Harper

While traveling, it is hard to safeguard your dresses from getting wrinkles. To avoid them fold your clothes properly and enclose them in plastic bags. Make sure the bags are dry.

Dropped wax accidentally:

Don’t worry just put a wax strip over the portion of solid wax. Press with iron and provide heat to it. With that heat, it will get melted down and will easily be taken out with strip.

Don’t play with trends:

When there is any big event around the corner, don’t go for trends. Just stick to your style. For Example, Saree suits you then go for it with absolute style change and fabric.

Say no to Sagging clothes:

Everyone wants clothes that can fit them quickly, but after 3-4 washes they loose so much. The main reason is the percentage of Lyrca in fabric. Look for 5% lycra, more than this will because of sagging clothes.

Don’t Rub :

Got blot on your dress, immediately don’t rub or whip it. immediate brooming will perforate it into the cloth.

Winters & wedding/event:

Is there any formal event or wedding is coming up? you can go with many trendy but warm options but if go with a fur vest fitting it with a trendy belt or a bowed ribbon, carrying with a long-length stylish skirt. Will give you a trendy and stylish look.

Tight Pants:

Pants are a bit tight, don’t worry. Let your pants dry for some time, while they are having little dampness in them expand the waist area or use a hairdryer to stretch out the waist area.

Liquid makeup:

Add some amount of shaving cream on bath linen and rub it on your body, face or shirts collars, or anywhere else on the dress.

Not sure about the size of pants:

Choose the smaller denim size when not sure about size, since jeans stretch out with wear.


Oil stain: Oops!! To remove oil stain from a handbag, do a baby powder coating to the stain mark and let it stand overnight…It will be gone
Removing powder: Sometimes your handbag gets dirty by blush or bronzer, use pre moisture makeup wipes to remove it flawlessly.


Jewlery Fashion Tips/tricks
Photo Credit: The Financial Express

The fashion items women’s love the most. Adding Fashion tips/tricks related to the jewelry.

Gold Shine:

Love your Gold set!! Wash it with turmeric using old toothbrush…all the dirt will be removed, and it looks bright again.

Diamond sparkling:

Sparkling diamonds! wash with liquid dishwasher detergent and an old toothbrush. Glow will remain with this easy recipe at home.

Real pearls or not:

Real pearls are expensive and hard to find. Gently rub or knead with your teeth. If the pearls are fake they will remain smooth but if they are real they will get a gritty touch.

Store Fashion Jewelry:

“The best way to store fashion jewelry, including Sterling Silver, is in Ziploc bags. This helps pieces retain luster and reduces tarnishing and scratches.”
Said: by the Founder of I Love Jewelry Auctions


Having bloated stomach:

Are you worried about your bloated stomach? don’t worry !with a margin of 5 days before the event. keep yourself away from consuming dairy products and items involving whole grains. This method can easily reduce your stomach to a large extent.


Shoes Fashion Tips/tricks
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Stiff or snug shoes:

Wear your stiff or snag shoes with socks and then blast your feet with a hot hairdryer.

Stretch tight shoe:

For expanding tight footwear like shoes, put freezer bags full of water in every shoe. When water will get a freeze in them it will stretch the shoe. Now you can easily wear them!!

Get rid off Water Stains:

“To remove watermarks from leather boots, add a few drops of vinegar to a bowl of cool water and scrub the stains with a soft bristle brush until stains are no longer visible. Let dry overnight,” said Daryl Carr.

Halt shrilling Sound of Shoes:

Take out the insole of a shoe, put some Vaseline, and spread it evenly on the surface of the shoe. Before supplanting it again.

Trending shoes without socks:

After using footwear barefooted especially shoes, fill them with cotton or any soft cloth. So, that they can absorb extra moisture and retain the shoe shape.

Sweaty sneakers:

At night, add 2or3 tablespoons baking soda in sweat-soaked tennis shoes, spread it evenly. This will consume all the pungent smell from shoes and make your shoes dry.

Wet shoes:

“Never dry a wet shoe with heat. Let it dry naturally in the open air. The heat will dry out leather and the lifespan of the shoe will be cut in half.” 
Said –Jordan Adoni.

General Fashion tips/tricks:

Transform the basic outfit by piling up with good accessories. Like scarves, sunglasses, hats, statement jewelry.
Tired of misty mirrors after taking baths, dry them out using hair dryers without any time wastage.
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You might have come to know about so many fashion tips/tricks, by your Moms, Social Media, friends, and many other ways. These tips/tricks will help you to stand out and make your life more comfortable than ever. You might have heard about DIY skills; just give them one chance you will find so many new ways to solve your minor problems with great ease.

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