No more washing your clothes. The next big thing in Fashion

Have you ever thought that you would be able to have clothes you won’t need to wash? The majority of us will think like Ewww! It sounds so unhygienic as we all know that we are running out of the natural resources (especially usable water). Everyone is emphasizing on limiting the use of water. Every day a massive amount of water is used for washing clothes, either by hands, washing machines, or any other medium but it requires water to be used anyhow. Not a water-saving approach at all. Since there are several inventions made for saving water, joining hands with those inventions, the fashion industry has been giving some good news. By introducing clothes, you don’t need to wash them.

So many brands are working on this eco-friendly theme of no more washing clothes to save world water resources. Moreover, it is believed that they are going to keep power resources as well. Sounds unhygienic at first but thinks that if you have a dress/shirt and if it doesn’t stink badly, with no spots of dirt, etc. then I don’t believe that people nowadays with busy life schedule will opt for washing them.

Brands promoting clothes you don’t need to wash:

In the last three years some of the brands are featuring these eco-friendly clothes, since they haven’t got much popularity because most of the time people don’t know about this. Secondly being in its initial phase it requires some time to evolve and emerge as strong convincing power to the world because its hard to convince the customers about these types of extra-ordinary clothes.
Let’s have a look at some of the brands who are making an effort to make clothes ecofriendly.

Unbound Merino:

Unbound Merino
Photo Credit: Twitter

A startup founded in 2016 and the primary aim of this startup is to make wool clothes that are travel friendly and last for weeks without washing. They are part of a larger group of startups, aiming to create garments that require less laundering. Unbound Marion designed a T-shirt worth of $65 that one can wear for weeks without being washed and surprisingly its looks just like a standard cleaned shirt, without leaving an unbearable smell. Good news for those who are fond of travelling and always have to carry those heavy backpacks for accomplishing the clothing needs. Cheers! Your bags will goanna be smaller and lighter.


Photo Credit: Hypebae

How many of you are a fan of “Justin Bieber”? Well! Many of you, I am sure. Pangaia, a new eco-friendly brand, has already caught the attention of Justin Bieber due to their  $85 seaweed fibre T-shirts just because these shirts are treated with peppermint oil so that shirts stay fresh for long times without washing. Suitable for time crunching situations or people who always ran short of time due to huge responsibilities.

Wool & Prince:

Wool & prince
Photo Credit:Cool Material

A Men’s wear label who used to create everything out of wool. An oxford shirt worth $128 or boxer brief of $42 .you will be enjoying wool everywhere, leading to the clothes you don’t need to wash frequently. They have recently launched a sister branch as Wool&, created a dress, which can last for straight 100 days(OMG!! 100 days). Less usage of detergents, less water consumption leading to a planet-friendly system.


AEG, washing machine company revealed that 90% of the clothes don’t need laundry, but they are thrown in the laundry bucket, thanks to the massive advertisement of detergent brands. It’s hard to convince the customers to “do less laundry to their clothes”, but the eco-friendly idea of clothes you don’t need to wash is favourable for both the humans and our planet. Give it a go and save the world and your energy as well.

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